SoulFetish®. Mystic of the past processed into unique jewelry

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Established in July 1999 by Thierry Martino, SoulFetish® has quickly become a name in the world of jewelry. The secret of the unmistakable SoulFetish®-style lies in the use of rebellious and historical symbols. Inspired by the mysticism of the past, Thierry Martino manufactures jewelry from metal and jewels, which are always unique, powerful and glossy.

The basic values ​​of SoulFetish® ensure the distinctive craftsmanship

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Picture by Claude Dumont

A workshop, which is oriented to the tradition of classical craftsmanship, harmonizes with its environment. Therefore, Thierry Martino is surrounded exclusively with artists who value and share his visions and values. The sharing, the honesty and the love for the perfect object enable the creation of such jewels. The collaboration between experienced craftsmen, designers, sculptors, jewelers, mold makers and stone setters not only promotes the artist’s learning process, but also contributes to the company’s development of SoulFetish®.

Thierry Martino is the creator of the Harley-Davidson® highend luxury jewelry

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Picture by Claude Dumont

Thierry Martino, however, not only designs jewelry for SoulFetish®, but is also the creator of the great Harley-Davidson® silver-jewelry. From our point of view, this partnership is a perfect match. Similar to SoulFetish® Harley-Davidson® has always stood for tradition and craftsmanship and values such as camaraderie, freedom and the urge for individuality. So do not be surprised if you are dazzled by one of these sparkling treasures at your next visit at HD-Bielefeld. By the way, at this point it is mentioned that sometimes everything is gold – or in this case silver – that glitters. The guarantee for parts manufactured by SoulFetish® is valid for a lifetime!

Need more Info about SoulFetish®?

Picture by Claude Dumont

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